Champion of Poland
Champion of Lithuania

CHA-CHA Keiviento 


d.o.b. 02-08-2015

color : brown

Father: D1, S1, VGP1, VBR, IKP 1, Vbr, HN TELL KS vom Esteresch HD-A2

Mother: ChPL, KW-1, PP1, D2 ZOTTA Keiviento HD-A


HD-A2 (oficial result DKV by Dr Lemmer)
ED 0/0

National Working Competition for Pointing Dogs (field & water), GRODNO (ZO PZŁ Toruń)-
I diploma, lok. 1/13, CPC, Best Working Pointing dog of 2018

International Working Competition for Pointing Dogs, NAŁĘCZÓW (ZO PZŁ Lublin)-
I diploma, 254/276pkt., lok. 5/26

All- round Exam (field, water, forest), BROCHÓW (ZO PZŁ Warszawa)-
I diploma, 369/396pkt., lok. 2/5 (in the age of 2 years old!!), SPECIAL PRIZE FOR FOREST WORK

Competition for Pointing Dogs (field & water), BISKUPIN (ZO PZŁ Bydgoszcz)-
I diploma, 247/276pkt., lok. 9/14

Competition for Pointing Dogs (field & water), OHZ GOLA (ZO PZŁ Leszno)-
I diploma, 273/276pkt., lok. 2/10

Mazovian Competition for Pointing Dogs (field & water), BŁONIE (ZO PZŁ Ciechanów)-
III diploma, 228/276pkt., lok. 4/12 (in the age of 14 months old)

Próby Pracy Wyżłów, ŁOMIA (ZO PZŁ Ciechanów)-
dyplom I stopnia, 96/100pkt., lok.5/24

DERBY, Surwold (Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub Kurzhaar Voran Weser Ems, Germany)-
I diploma (in the age of 8 months)

Euro Dog Show Nadarzyn (working class)- excellent 4

CACIB Gorzów Wlkp. (working class)- excellent,, CWC, CACIB, Best of Breed, BIS-4 Hunting Breeds oddz. Gorzów Wlkp.

CACIB Moletai (LT) (working class)- excellent,, 2 x CAC, resCACIB

CAC Choceń (working class)- excellent,, CWC

CACIB Bydgoszcz (working class)- excellent,, CWC, Best Bitch, CACIB, Best of Breed

CAC Gostynin (intermediate class)- excellent,, Best Bitch

CAC Antoninek (intermediate class)- excellent 1/2,, CWC, Best Bitch, Best of Breed

CACIB Lublin (junior class)- excellent,, lok.3/6

CWC Myślęcinek (junior class)- excellent,, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed

Klubowa Wystawa Wyżłów (junior class)- very good, lok. 2

CWC Gostynin (junior class)- excellent,,Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, BOS

Zuchtschau Surwold 2011 (Germany) (junior class)- sehr gut, 2 / 4

CACIB Rijnland 2016 (puppy class)- very promising 1, Best Puppy in Breed